Inkapay is a payment platform that uses Blockchain technology to send and receive money transfers among internal and external users in less than 30 minutes across 11 different countries and 9 currencies: American Dollar, Argentinian Peso, Boliviano, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Euro, Nuevo Sol, Real, and Yuan. Coming soon Mexico, India and the UK.

INKAPAY offers a brand new network for payments, utilities, and remittance. Thanks to the technology behind Bitcoin, we can make it a simple and effective process for the whole world. Fast, simple, and low cost.

Currently, Inkapay is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Italian, Panama, Peru, Portugal, and Spain.

After registering in our platform, you will be able to log into our platform anywhere in the world with internet access, as well as, local business, establishments, and websites linked to our E-commerce plugin.

You need to have a registered and verified user name to make deposits and withdrawals, as well as, a personal bank account or credit card of their ownership.

Click on “register” and fill in the form. Once you are ready, you will receive a confirmation email. After confirming your username, you must log in and summit all required documentation to verify your identity. If the user is a company, its tax information must be filed.

You have 30 days to complete the verification since the open of the registration online. If this time has elapsed, you need to complete a new registration request. If the verification process is not complete, your account will be limited to full access of INKAPAY.

To verify your account and make deposits and withdrawals in local currency, you must file four different documents: (1) your National Identification Document (NID) or Passport number; (2) an image of the back of your NID; if you are Venezuelan, passport, driver’s license or taxpayer identification number (RIF) must be included as well; (3) a selfie or a photograph of yourself holding your ID or identification number that is 100% readable, and finally (4) a bank statement, credit card statement, internet, electricity, water, or gas bill with your personal address. Once you have a Where can I see the tutorials for using the platform?

Yes, you can. You just have to pick the country of residence and provide all the bank accounts in all of the countries available that you wish to use in INKAPAY. Following all required verifications requests. Remember we only accept bank account transfers where the users name matches the bank information.

It is very simple. Once your account has been verified, go to the “Wallet”> ”Funds” section. Choose the currency, click “Deposit,” and select the bank where you want to transfer, check the total amount and click “Enter.” You will receive an email with the bank account information, in which you must make the deposit or money transfer. Once the transaction is completed, go to “Deposit” in the “Funds” section, select the deposited currency, and click on “Verify”. Fill in the form, attach the voucher or proof of bank transfer and click on “Save”. The transaction will be verified within 72 working hours.

You should head to the “wallet” section > Funds”. After click in the “Deposit” button in BTC(Bitcoin). Below you will find your wallets public address. Through the QR Code that appears, or through the cryptographic address in the platform in which you wish to deposit your bitcoins.

We charge 1.5% per transactions to registered users and 3% to non-registered users. We also charge 1% per deposits and withdrawals in local currency. If you want to transfer Bitcoins to another Wallet, there is a 0.15% commission rate. Deposits in Bitcoins in your Inkapay Wallet are free of charge.
Clarification: If your account if not associated with any of our affiliated banks, you might be charged an extra commission for interbank transactions. Inkapay is not accountable for these commissions.
All commissions are calculated taking into account the final amount of each transaction.
If you wish to look all of our current commission rates, please head to appendix A in our terms and conditions.

Enter the "Wallet" section and in the left menu go to "Security", click on "Create" confirm the operation via email and enter an alphanumeric password of 8 digits follow the steps indicated in the platform and finally select "Save ". In case you forget your password, you must generate a new one, since it is irreplaceable.

All deposits are made in local currency, which should take into account interbank fees at the time of deposit charged by your bank especially when working in US dollars. As for the shipment or payment you will only be charged the 1.5% commission from InkaPay between registered users and 3% to unregistered users.

Log in, head to the “Funds” sections and select “money transfer”. In “Type of user”, choose among the options “Wallet transfer” to add money to your Inkapay account; “BitInka/Inkapay User” for users within the platform. To transfer money to non-registered users select “Not-Registered User” and complete the form.
To transfer money to a BitInka/Inkapay user, please write the user’s email addres registered in BitInka/Inkapay and then the type of currency to be transferred. Please specify the amount, select to whom the commission will be charged and click on “Transfer Money”. You will be shown a screen with the total amount of the transaction and select “accept” if you agree. Your money will be transfer in within 30 min.

To generate your payment request, log in to the Menu, click on "Payment Request", then click on "Generate new payment request", enter the email address of the BitInka / Inkapay user to whom you request the payment. Select the currency and the amount. You can write a comment specifying why you are requesting payment and click "Submit". The user will receive the payment request in his InkaPay account and will receive a notification email.

To make a payment request payment, log in to the Menu and select "Pending Payments" locate the transaction to be paid and click "Pay", choose the method to pay, with the most common wallet, select the currency or cryptocurrency with which you wish to pay, validate the summary of the transaction, enter your transaction key and click "Send". Payment will be sent in just 30 minutes to the InkaPay account of your partner or provider.

Yes, effectively. Not just that, in banks in some countries fees are charged for making transfer in between other banks, which dont exist for transfers in between the same bank, in most cases. Thats why, whenever you can, we recommend that you make your operations through the financial institutions that we use so you will not pay unnecessary extra fees

There are minimum amounts both to deposit and to withdraw local currency, but depend on the currency or country in which you want to withdraw or deposit such money. To see what the minimum amounts are for each type of transaction, please see the "Commissions" annex in our Terms and Conditions.

In order to make withdrawals in local currency, pre-register your bank account in the section Wallet> Banking Data, follow the instructions and fill out the form. Once registered, go to the “Wallet”> ”Funds” section, select the currency and click on “Withdraw. Choose “Bank transfer” and write down the amount, or double click on the account balance and select “Withdraw”, in a period of 24 to 72 business hours the money will be sent to your account. To withdraw your balance in Cryptocurrencies, go to the Billetera> Funds section, place the BTC currency and select "Withdrawal", place the address of the Wallet to credit the funds, place the amount to be sent, validate the amount to be received with the commission included and click on "Withdrawal" in a period of 1 to 24 hours, your cryptocurrencies will be credited to the destination wallet.

Yes of course you can. Enter the section "Wallet"> "Funds", you can see your balance in BTC (Bitcoins) click on "Retirement", insert the address of the wallet you want to send your Bitcoins, place the amount to send, validate the amount Which you will receive and click on "Retirement" The withdrawal fee in Bitcoins is 0.15% of the total of the operation, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 Bitcoins. The daily limit of withdrawal of Bitcoins is 100 Bitcoins.

In the section "Wallet"> "Funds" click the "Deposit" button in "BTC" (Bitcoin). Below you will see a QR code so you can scan your address. You will also see the cryptographic address just below the QR code.

The address shown is the public address of the wallet, which, for security measures, is modified in each transaction.

For every transaction you perform in InkaPay, you will receive a confirmation email. The same applies if another user performs a transaction to send Bitcoins. It will be confirmed by an email at the time of receipt. Also, if you Access to your account, in the "wallet" section you will see your Bitcoins once you aprove

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, transactions related to this are made directly between users and also through our platform, Bitcoin uses the Blockchain technology as a platform for transactions. For more information, visit: https://bitcoin.org/en/faq

Bitcoin, thanks to the Blockchain technology, is the safest currency in the world. Due to its cryptographic nature, each Bitcoins transaction is unique, unrepeatable, unforgettable, almost anonymous and irreversible

The price of Bitcoin has no fixed value. The same will vary according to the market supply and demand. The value of Bitcoin can change from country to country and between exchanges.

Bitcoin can be used in all the worlds piases, as long as the receiver of money accepts the Bitcoin as a transference of value. There is an increasing number of companies and people who use this cryptomoneda as a means of payment. In many countries, the accelerated development of this criptomoneda is such that there are numerous e-commerce companies that accept Bitcoins, as well as conventional stores. There are even Bitcoins ATMs in some countries, terminals that allow users to deposit or withdraw money directly from their Bitcoins wallets.

Simply obtain the address of the recipient of the money. With InkaPay, I am very easy to do, since it was developed to make everything much easier, faster and safer.

Yes, there are many other cryptocurrencies. Like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Dash, Augur, among many others.

Yes, Bitcoins can be stolen. In most cases, this happens due to hackers stealing your personal access keys. If certain basic safety rules are followed, this is totally avoidable. When operating with us and following our recommendations your Bitcoin transaction will be 100% safe. We always recommend using a second factor authentication system (TFA).

The Blockchain is a P2P (Peer to Peer) network in which each member records and validates each and every one of the transactions made on it. It is a succession of "blocks" (transaction sets) encrypted, and arranged chronologically.
These general characteristics are what provide this network the status of "the safest in the world".

Each transaction is encrypted. Each member of the network chronologically stores the records of the transactions, without being able to modify the content. This makes the transactions irreversible.These general characteristics are what give this network the status of "the safest in the world".

The Blockchain is "the safest network in the world" where each transaction is encrypted and validated by each and every one of its members worldwide (called nodes). In order for the Blockchain to disappear, each of the hundreds of thousands of server’s nodes that compose it should disappear. While there is a server, there is the Blockchain.

The Blockchain is a decentralized network, what means there is nothing / no one to administer it by its own. There are no governmental entity and/or private company that have an influence or control over the same one.

Yes, you can. InkaPay is the first platform in Latin America that using Bitcoins allows you the option to send money at low costs. This is because InkaPay does not sent your local currency to other countries directly, what happens is that a local purchase / sale trade of Bitcoins is done in your country and destination country.

Yes, if your bank can perform electronic transfers. You can add funds from any entity that have this capacity. InkaPay only charges 1% for this service.

Yes, you can. You should only take into account the cost of interbank transfers, you can now send dollars and receive in any of the currencies we handle except in dollars. The dollar receipt option only applies to payment requests.

For the moment, it is only possible to send money between countries where INKAPAY is established. You can send the actual cryptocurrency BITCOIN to any user, anywhere in the world.

Email verification. Double authentication factor. cold storage server, as well as an internal security verification team. You can also create a personal PIN to confirm each transaction that only you can approve.

In the section “USER VERIFICATION” in the PROFILE page you will see the tab “CHANGE PASSWORD” where you will be able to change your login password for the platform. You will then receive a confirmation email.

Our transactions are 100% legal, all of these transactions are based on supply and demand of a virtual currency. There is no capital flight, therefore it does not interfere with the economy of any country and has no influence on exchange restrictions.

Enter our Website at www.inkapay.com and click on the “Support” section, complete the form and we will contact you the soonest possible.

Yes, your account can be suspended. If you do not meet the requirements on our terms and conditions, your account can be suspended temporarily or permanently.

The first thing you should do is contact us. You will always be notified via email all activity that occurs in your account, including suspensions and sanctions, and you will always be directed on how to solve the issue.
In case you have not the notification mail, and if you cannot enter your account or request a support ticket, send us an email with your inquiry or claim: soporte@inkapay.com